Buy online - large discounts for quantity. Contact. About Our Planed Oak Products. This includes the cut list. Please click on a species to continue and get a quote. As always, if you don't see what you want, give us a call1.877.232.3915, we can get what you need! If you are building custom furniture, cabinetry, or working on a boat we have the right woods for you too. Our planed timber is available in 18 different species. We provide many options for planed / surfaced lumber such as Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Lodge Pole Pine and Blue Pine. All slabs under 24 have the option being planed at our mill. Finally, we can also offer Sapele claddings, which is a strong hard-wearing timber, naturally resistant to rot and insect attack. Windows & Doors. For added stability we kiln dry the slabs, an essential service to avoid warping, twisting, checking and shrinkage as the slab dries. Wood graded as "First and Second" or "Select" is higher grade material. Cart 0. If you are in a time crunch we have Pre-milled Hardwood & softwood lumber on hand. Everyone either has to order (additional $100 for freight) or they only sell rough cut wood. Despite being a local sawmill near you, we are proud to stock lumber from six continents. Flooring. 1) Commercial Woodworking Firms. All woodworking projects are hand inspected and approved prior to being released to the customer. View all Solid Wood Flooring. Tools need to kept sharp when working to ensure a good finish. Softwoods. Read more here. then you need to come to the mill. You can even use wood wall paneling to get a warm, classic look. Some have live edge meaning the bark is still on, while others are cleaned up on all four sides. Its also does and amazing job at removing those twists and cups better than any planer Ive used. You can buy your Planed All Round (PAR) timber online and have it cut to any size and delivered anywhere in the UK. Lots of interesting and unique pieces Some kiln dried Lots of pieces priced around $20 Located near midland If you are looking for some nice project wood we have lots tongue and groove, v joint and shiplap available. American White Oak is mainly used for joinery, furniture and light construction. Cart 0. TREATED AND UNTREATED & MORE. There is a maximum of 2 cuts per sheet for this service. Now everyone can buy timber slabs and create beautiful custom furniture at a fraction of the price that you would pay in a high-end furniture store. 863-835-1130. Planed and finished with eased edged to precise tolerances for accurate studwork and framing.

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